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"Jewelry Findings" is the term used for all the little metal bits(can be copper, brass, sterling silver, gold filled and antique type of metal)
also glass bits , woods, other type of and pieces that are needed to finish off a jewelry like earrings, bracelet or necklace or that are used to join one bead to another.
This unique term covers everything from a wonderful clasps for a necklace to a simple pin onto which beads are threaded to make an earring drop etc...
As told above findings are available in brass,nickel, gold or silver finishes.

Enamel Bell Bead Caps. Colored Flower Caps

Whether you are using jewelry suitable for someone with pierced ears or prefers ear clips or screw-on fittings, of sure you will find on my handmade jewelry supplies online shop
appropriate findings in a wide range of styles, including kidney hooks,
shepherds hooks, hook wires( guards), spirals, headpins, fish hooks with ball and spring, pierced ear clips, ear screws with loops, ear loop hangers, ear fittings for cabochons and ear clips with flat pads.
May be the easiest earrings that can be made are from ear hoops, which are opened by pulling the wire apart at the top fastening.
Beads can be threaded onto the loop ( just a few) to rest in the bottom of the loop or sufficient to fill the ring completely - then the fastening can be pressed to close.
colored filigree bead caps-green, red, purple, orange
Enameled glass bead caps - Enamel Hand painted bead caps

You can attach a spot of adhesive to make the closure completely secure if you wish.
The decorated hoop can then be added to the ear fitting of your choice by means of the loop in the top.
Some hoops have an extra loop at the top from which an extra decoration can be suspended.

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