Handmade Jewelry Findings

Handmade Jewelry Components and findings

Findings and Components is the catchall term for the range of jewelry making bits and pieces into wearable art.
A clasp added to the ends of a cord or chain, allows you to open and close a necklace or bracelet and there are many styles available.
Be sure to choose one strong enough for the combined weight of your beads(please consider my handmade lampwork glass beads) and stringing material.
Split rings are simple wire circles, available in several sizes, that can join different jewelry findings together.
They look and work like a key ring and bead tips are findings used to finish the ends of thinner stringing materials Both hide the knot tied in the end of the string.
A clam shell closes up around it, and a bead tip cups the knot in a hollow depression.
To use these findings put a dab of white craft glue on the end of the string, thread it through the clam shell or tip and tie a sturdy knot. If you use a clam shell tool, close it up using small pliers.

Drop leaves glass findings with loops
Drop leaves glass findings with loops

Attach either of these Components(handmade jewelry components you can find on my jewelry findings home page) to the ends of a clasp by inserting the tab on the end through the ring of the clasp.
Fold the tab down with a pair of pliers. For thicker cords, you can use a damp to attach the end to the clasp.
There are several styles of clamps, but they all work the same way. Dab some white craft glue on the end of the cord, insert it into
the clamp and close the clamp with a pair of pliers. Then attach the ring of the clasp to the ring on the clamp.
Headpins are perfect for making your beads into earrings.  A headpins are a straight piece of wire flattened on one end, like the
head of a nail. Simply slip your bead onto the wire, make a loop at the top (with a round-nose, needle nose or jeweler's pliers) and attach it to an earrings wire!  If the hole in your bead is too big and the bead slips off the end of the headpin,put a smaller bead (with a smaller hole) onto the headpin first. This bead will keep your handmade bead on the headpin.
To create earrings, there are many ready-made types of pierced and clasp-style (non pierced) earring findings.
For pins, and bracelets,there are dozens of pre shaped wire pin styles, and you can even add beads to wire bracelet forms.
All types of jewelry findings are widely available at bead shops and through catalog and online sales.


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