Handmade Jewelry Findings

Handmade THREADS, Thongs, CHAINS and Findings

Always use a thread that is appropriate to the beads. Precious pearls should be strung on silk, but polyester or nylon thread is suitable for glass while wooden or chunky ceramic beads may look better on leather or lace thong.

Antique Bronze Big Hoop EarWire-Enamel Round Earring-Hammerd Hooks find   Blue Enameled Hoop Thin Ear Wires-Hammered Copper Large Earrings 20g Enameled Green Turquoise Large Hoop EarWires-Hammerd solid copr. earring Hammered Teardrop Hoop Ear Wires made of Brass Earrings
High quality enamel large hoop Ear Wire for everyday for more info click the image

Polyester thread, which is available in all haberdashers, is most often used with light and medium weight beads. It is ca be in a variety of colors and thicknesses, so it is possible to choose a shade that is a close match to the beads you are using.

When you require extra strength, the thread can be used double, but even then, the beads will hang in a smooth
loop. It is also possible to obtain waxed thread, which is easy to work.
Big heavy beads can be strung on nylon mono filament, a clear, strong gut, of the kind that you will find in angling shops.
This, too, is available in a range of thicknesses and weights.
The gut can be used without a needle, but it is sometimes too inflexible to use with light beads, which will not hang in a smooth curve but be held in the curves in the gut.
The Tiger tail, which is made of a strong metal core that is coated in clear plastic, is available in a range of thicknesses. This is the ideal thread to use with heavy beads, especially metal ones or heavy glass beads, which might cut a non-metallic thread.
Like monofilament, however, it is not suitable for lightweight beads, which are not heavy enough to make it hang well.
Wooden or bone beads and large, chunky ceramic beads often look attractive when they are threaded on leather thong, which you will most often use in sizes of 1mm or 2mm.
Large Copper Hoop Earrings-Hook Earwire
Large Hoop Earrings made of high quality copper wire -click the image above to order Hook Earwire

Shorter lengths of leather thong can be used to make hoop-shaped earrings.
Use a large bead e metal or wood, for example: with small bead on either side, and close the thong with a leather  crimp, which can be attached by its loop to an sear fitting, chains of different gauges.

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