Handmade Jewelry Findings

Important Jewelry tools for Jewelry making

In your tool kit you should have certain items that are indispensable for creating the jewelry in this book: wire cutters, needle files, pliers, crosslocking tweezers, protective eyewear, a pin vise or clamp,a permanent marker, and a ruler with both U.S. and metric measurements.

sterling silver 925 large hoop earrings 20 gauge made by NADIN ART DESIGN
sterling silver 925 large hoop earrings 20 gauge made by NADIN ART DESIGN

Jewelry wipes, which are soft papers impregnated with polish, keep your work
bright and clean. Each project’s instructions presume that you have this basic tool kit, so only specialized tools needed to make
a project are listed.

Sterling Silver Handforged Earwires-Hammered earrings pair
Sterling Silver Hand forged Earwires-Hammered earrings pair

Wire Cutters
A good pair of wire cutters is essential for making all of the jewelry.
There are several different styles, but whichever ones you use, make sure they cut absolutely flush, since the shape of the cut‘s end, or burr, will need to be filed. The smaller the burr, the less filing will be needed. Since you will often need to cut wire in very small spaces, bigger is
definitely not better. Pointed tips give you the most control.

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