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Jewelry Article - Stitching fringe & dangles

1. Cut a piece of silk beading thread between one and two yards long.
2. Gently stretch the thread by pulling on it all the way down its length.(It is better to stretch it before you begin stitching than to have it stretch after your piece is finished.
3. Pull the stretched thread across wax while holding it with your thumb. Do this TWO times to be sure the thread is coated. This conditions the thread, so it tangles and breaks less.

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You can use the same technique to add a special bead or group of beads at the end of a dangle.
1. String the beads you want for the dangle
2. Stitch through the loop of the charm
3. Stitch through all of the beads of the dangle in reverse .

Make Bead Fringe:
This is simple fringe. more elaborate  fringes appear in project in the stitching section.
1. String all your beads you want for the fringe.
2. Stitch through those beads in reverse, starting in the next to last bead of the fringe. Gently pull the thread so all beads touch.

Knot and Finish:
You’ll need to knot the thread when you are ? nished or when the thread is too short to continue. This is done around the base wire.
1.  Make a loop with the thread you have left, holding it behind the base wire.
 Put the needle over the wire and through the loop. (This wraps the thread
around the base wire.) Do this two or three times. Pull tight.
3. Put a small dot of-glue on the knot. Let dry before continuing trimming.
Trim thread with small sharp scissors.

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