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Lentil Turquoise Gemstone Beads - Aqua Blue 9mm Gems


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  • Model: 4 Turquoise Lentils for Jewelry
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Amazing set of Turquoise Gemstone Beads for jewelry making. The gems have a bright color and cracked stones texture. They can adorn any jewelry design! Perfect for summer earrings making! You may also make a necklace, pendant with the help of the gems. Create birthstone jewelry, turquoise is Taurus gemstone (April gemstone). They are flat, there is a hole in each of them, which makes them easy at work. There are 4 gems in the set. That will be enough to create a pair of earrings or a charm. But if you need them in quantity, it's also possible, just write me.

Turquoise gemstone beads for necklace, earrings, pendants, charms
Turquoise lentils for Jewelry making - Gemstones

  • Diameter - 9mm
  • Hole - 1mm (18gauge)
  • April Birthstone
  • Taurus gemstone
  • Quantity 4 pieces

About Turquoise

Generally there are many beliefs about turquoise, probably any other gem isn't associated with so many things! For example, according to Persian legends, turquoise was formed from the bones of people who had died of love. By the way, this mineral is the national stone of Persians (Iranians). For ancient Greeks it's a stone of Aphrodite and for the Romans - a stone of Venus - the goddess of eternal love. In the Indian tribes of North America (especially among the Aztecs), turquoise was considered the greatest value, a magical stone used in religious ceremonies. In the ancient Tibetan turquoise stone was regarded as a living being or even divinity. This gem is highly valued by the Buddhists, because, according to a legend, the Buddha defeated the evil demon with the help of turquoise. There are many local names of turquoise, which indicate a special attitude of different nations to turquoise: 'favorite stone of the East', 'heavenly stone of American Indians', 'the sacred stone of Tibet', 'royal stone', 'stone of Egyptian Pharaohs' etc.

lentil turquoise gems
turquoise gemstones - jewelry supplies

To protect turquoise from contamination as well as from the influence of water, which can damage the stone and influence its shade, before washing hands you should always take off the ring with turquoise. Jewelry with turquoise should be protected from extreme temperatures, heat, from the effects of acids, abrasives, fumes, turquoise jewelry mustn't be cleaned in soapy water. Only dry cleaning is allowed. To remove grease and oil dry chamois, flannel, wool cloth should be used. Ultrasonic and steam handling aren't allowed.

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